The Toy Sorcerer

Book One

by Laura Hart

Readers and writers, welcome to my world.

If you're passionate about books, short stories and general blogging banter stay awhile and indulge.

I am a devotee of all well written literature and my tastes are quite eclectic, but as a writer I tend toward off and other-worldly concepts: science fiction and fantasy.

The improbable and impossible are merely undiscovered facts.

The genius of Asimov, Wells, Clarke, Miller and a host of other great imaginators initiated much of the technological advances we take for granted in the twenty-first Century. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, captivated millions of young minds with his communication devices - we now call them mobile phones. Without hypothesis there can be no advancement of any kind. And to think that only a few centuries ago, such creative scholars would have been condemned to burn at the stake for daring to challenge the omnipotent intellectual reserve of God.

Currently, there are only seven scientific 'truths' regarding time, space, matter and existence. All science fiction and fantasy literature revolves around them. And until another Copernicus or Einstein uncovers an eighth - Steven Hawking may well be in the running - science fiction will continue to regurgitate the same theories, albeit in an infinite variety of guises.

I wonder what impossible imaginings will be commonly known fact two or three centuries hence. And, conversely, what commonplace facts we accept today will be revealed incorrect?

My particular fascination is inner space; the machinations of the human mind. So little is actually known about the psyche; it is still very much shrouded in conjecture. Why do we use so little of our huge brain? Is it somehow genetically locked? Should we be able to access the power so far denied us, or have we a lot more evolving to do?

I sincerely doubt the answers to these questions will be exposed in my lifetime, but I relish the task of contributing some theories; even if they aren't entirely unique . . .

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The ancient shadows stirred: the scent of freedom had begun to penetrate the crumbling sorcery that had held them for so long. As they sloughed off an eternity of enforced slumber their anger began to swell.


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